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Hi Sven,

Thanks for your reponse.

> It works nicely for me and for most other users. If it doesn't work for
> you, then there appears to be a bug or some misconfiguration on your
> system. Perhaps you should try to isolate the problem and open a bug
> report.

I posted a detailed report of the issues that I was having to the
gimp-user mailing list.  The response from everyone was that it was
common knowledge that native Gimp printing was problematic and to use
Gutenprint.  Not a single person disagreed with me when I concluded that
the native Gimp printing was broken and unusable.

I pressed the issue further inquiring why Gimp would ship with a
known-broken printing system.  The response I got was that my Linux
distribution (OpenSUSE 11.1) was broken for not installing the
Gutenprint Gimp plugin by default!

>> In my opinion, taking the CUPS functionality of the current native Gimp
>> printing and integrating that into Gutenprint would be the best option.
> There is no CUPS functionality in the current native GIMP printing. The
> GIMP print plug-in knows nothing about CUPS or whatever other print
> backend you may be using on your system. It uses the GTK+ print API
> which provides a nice abstraction layer on top of the platform-specific
> print system.

I used the wrong term; I apologize.  The GTK+ print API can integrate
with CUPS and I just used the word CUPS by mistake.

> Your help would be appreciated. But you did not tell us what the problem
> with printing is that you want to improve. If it's just that printing
> doesn't work for you, then I am sure that you will be able to find and
> fix the problem in your setup. If you want to improve the native GIMP
> print plug-in, then please propose those enhancements here.

My wife has Gimp on Windows Vista.  Windows allows printer drivers, such
as the one for our HP OfficeJet 6110 to set parameters like paper size,
orientation, etc.  The Gimp native printing also allows these options to
be set.  This creates a conflict.  After many dozens of wasted sheets of
photo paper, I concluded that Gimp's native printing does not work on
Windows (at least for my printer) at all -- no setting results in the
desired output.  My printer accepts photo paper lengthwise on the
right-hand side of the printer.  With Gimp on Windows -- even when the
printer driver and Gimp's paper size and orientation are matched --
printer prints in the center of the carriage and in landscape mode.  I
have tried all possible permutations of paper size between Gimp and the
Windows driver.  Since this setup works great for all other applications
(e.g. Word, IE, Firefox, etc.), I don't see how the problem could lie
anywhere else than Gimp.

Additionally, on my Linux computer, I also had problems.  You can see my
post on gimp-user for reference (or I could re-post here).  The most
serious problem is that it wouldn't allow me to set the dimensions (the
were stuck at 1.5in x 1.5in) at all and the dpi was stuck at 1500.
Neither the dimentions or the dpi could be changed making it impossible
for me to print anything but a small square in the image.  Not only
that, but it didn't have the "use original image size" button to
auto-fit the image.  The native gimp printing doesn't have an
auto-orientation feature either; this is another failure point.  The
auto-orientation feature is critical since different printers accept
paper in different ways for portrait and landscape.

For reference, I have a server connected to an HP OfficeJet 6110 running
CUPS.  The back-end CUPS driver is Foomatic/HPIJS.  Both my wife's
Windows Vista computer and mine (OpenSUSE 11.1 running CUPS) do network

I got my printer working using the Gimp Gutenprint plug-in using
PostScript level 2 and the following command line: "lp -s -d hpoj6110 -o
sides=one-sided -o PrintoutMode=Photo".  I haven't tried the native
Gutenprint drivers, but I'm sure they'd work well too.


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