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On 08/21/2009 09:32 PM, LightningIsMyName wrote:
> The problem is that if I add the multiple paged PDF as an option to
> the normal sace procedure we will have a problem when running the
> plugin using GIMP_RUN_WITH_LAST_VALS.
> Imagine the following Scenario:
> * User has images 1 2 3 open
> * While image 1 is active, the user now uses the procedure for
> creating multipage PDFs on images 2 and 3
> * The user modifies image 1 again, and wants to export it as a single
> paged PDF. However he will now have image 2 and 3 and he will have to
> remove them in order to add image 1.

In git master, there is 'File -> Export to <last file>' and 'File -> 
Export...'. The former runs _WITH_LAST_VALS while the latter always 
shows the export options. I don't see any problem yet.

> * The user modified image 2 and now we wants to export image 2 and 3
> again as a PDF. He will have to add them again.

We can't predict what a user wants to do. We can only give sane 
defaults, such as the previous export options, and allow the user to 
change them if they are not right.

A more sophisticated solution would be to have per-image export options. 
Not sure if that is a good idea or not.

> The problem is that the multipage procedure should be non-related to
> the single-page save procedure since these are different tasks.

I don't see these two as conceptually different tasks. In both cases the 
user wants to export a PDF.

> I have only one solution which can solve our problem but I want to
> hear your opinion about it:
> 1. Merge the gui both procedures, and make the view of the multipage
> procedure hidden inside a GtkExpander.
> 2. Behaviour will be configure like this:
> a. When the expander is not expanded, only the options for the single
> page export will be visible, and it will behave as a single page
> export.
> b.When the expander is expanded, it will behave as the multipage
> export and will export the all the images in the GtkIconView.

What d you mean w ith all images in the GtkIconView? Can't we simply let 
the user pick the images for the multi-page PDF?

> 3. In case of GIMP_RUN_WITH_LAST_VALS it will be assumed that the
> expander is hidden and it's a single page export.

Wouldn't it make more sense to simply run with last vals? That is, if 
the user previously exported image 1 2 and 3, invoking 'File->Export to 
file.pdf' would re-export this multi-page PDF.

> 4. We should make sure that if the multipage procedure was used the
> image will still be marked as unsaved somehow (Does the new export api
> causes images to still be marked as unsaved when using the Export
> function? If so, this solves our problem :D)

In git master, exported dirtiness is separate from saved dirtiness. You 
should try it out :)



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