Quoting "Eckhard M.\" Jäger" <b...@neeneenee.de>:

> So we like to get the permission to do so and we like to know what
> kind of license the GIMP logo has (the artwork must be distrubuted as
> CC/ Free Art License).

According to http://www.gimp.org/about/linking.html , the provided  
images of Wilber, GIMP's mascot/logo, can be "copied freely". My  
interpretation of this (which carries no authority whatsoever) is that  
there should be no problem with your usage of the Wilber image as long  
as it is being associated with the GIMP project.

As far as precise, formal licensing terms are concerned, the Wilber  
artwork was initially created by Tuomas Kuosmanen  
(http://www.tigert.com/) and he should probably be contacted for such  

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