On 08/31/2009 07:14 PM, Aurimas Juška wrote:
> Hi,
>> Hold on. There seems to be confusion here. CC and GPL are not compatible, 
>> which would be a problem for you. And I don't have the authority to give you 
>> permissions to use the logo in any way, I'm not the author of it.
> Don't you think there is too much "confusion", "problems" and "hold
> on" to use one or two "free as in speech" images in an open source
> project ? Personally, I think there is no need to bother with such
> nonsense and simply act freely. Otherwise there can't be even talk of
> anything more than "free as in beer".

I agree with you, personally I wouldn't take any issues at all if he used the 
images in a reasonable way (such as giving credit to GIMP).

Since he asks for permission though I assume he cares a lot about not violating 
any licenses, and since he wants to distribute in CC but the image (when 
distributed with GIMP) is under GPL, he has a problem, strictly speaking.

But again, taking legal action would be insane IMHO.

 / Martin


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