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> Hi,
> On 10/05/2009 02:10 AM, photoco...@gmail.com wrote:
> > But even if conceptually different in practice ,   both operation are always
> > needed for the every edited image:
> > is needed to Save the original AND to export as jpg or png .
> This assumption is wrong. Complex compositions will need to be refined for
> weeks. All work is done in XCF. Before final delivery there is only an
> occasional need to export to some other format.

Actually the two statements don't contradict each other -- it's fair
to say that the most likely workflows are
(1) load image (jpeg. png, tiff, cr2, etc)
    work on image
    maybe save image in proprietary format temporarily, between sessions
    eventually, do at least one of
    . save in archive format (tiff, png)
    . export to jpeg or gif or .mov or whatever
    . print

(2) create new image, and rest as above.

And in most cases you'll need to export the image at some point,
for every image.

It's got a little harder to track what you've done, now, because
you need to know if the export filenames are up to date as well
as the xcf filenme, and right now you can't tell.

E.g. an "image file history" panel showing save status, or
adding save & export events to the undo history (even though
you can't undo them they are part of the history) might help.


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