An idea (especially for when GIMP moves to GEGL). Apologies if this
has been suggested/shot down before.

I think that the following terminology would be fairly clear to users:

  Save IMAGE (basically, export to a non-xcf format)

  Save PROJECT (save the xcf/gegl tree)

  Save WORKSPACE (save the current configuration of GIMP, not the
  xcf/gegl tree or the image: visible tools, visible non image windows

IMHO, this 3-pronged "save" option makes it pretty clear what this is

I suggested earlier that "Save workspace" (like nip2) should be the
non-export quick save, but eventually realized that a "workspace"
suggests a set of easily accessible tools organized to fit a specific
TYPE of project. 

On the other hand, "Save project' suggests that all the components of
the intended final image should be kept around.

"Save image" really suggests that what you are saving is the final
product, in a common image format, that is, it corresponds to

Nicolas Robidoux
Universite Laurentienne
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