First a possible bug report: I have Xubuntu (9.10) and Wacom Intuos4 L
graphics tablet. I have problems with both GIMP and MyPaint dialogs
(load/save/settings), they frequently "jam" so that they do not accept mouse
(nor pen) clicks. Some dialogs work nicely all the time (like brush
selections and such, both in GIMP and MyPaint). I think this is somehow
related to GTK, since both of them are using that? Have anyone else reported


I found MyPaint, which suits better for creating paintings with graphic
tablet. So, my suggestions ATM is that don't use too much efforts for brush
dynamics; keep GIMP as image processing software, instead of painting

I would appreciate a seamless integration of graphics software together.
There is no need for "one-fit-for-all" programs, photographers definitely
need totally different kind of tools for images than painters.

GIMP does not have "artistic" brushes, MyPaint does not have image
processing capabilities. MyPaint even has very scarce support for sketching
and creating drawing compositions (e.g. moving and scaling things, creating
compositions and perspections), and I think that there could be room besides
GIMP and MyPaint for some sort of integrated sketching/composition software
("MySketch", "uSketch"). My post in MyPaint forum:


I have not thought much, how to integrate these software better together,
but some suggestion could be e.g.

- Common set up for input devices; keyboard shortcuts, mouse buttons
(including wheel), and tablet shortcuts (and, please, make the pen buttons
configurable); all in all, some sort of common "look and feel" or something.

- Using same (layered) file formats; GIMP has OpenRaster plugin, MyPaint
does not have XCF plugin :(

- Some sort of "common" image file importing; that is, importing images,
scaling them and storing to some layered format.

- "Open with..." buttons to software; from gimp, open the image in MyPaint
(or another program), and vice versa.

- Share brushes and brush libraries between programs; predefined brush sets
for photoshoppers and painters... I think that GIMP toolbox is "broken" -
pen, paintbrush, airbrush, they are essentially the same tool, just with
different settings. Then, selection tools, moving/rotating and cloning, they
are different tools.

It would be even better, that the (running) canvas would be common to many
different programs! So that you would easily edit the layers with program
that would suit your needs - one for painting, another for sketching, one
for post-processing, and so on.

Unfortunately I know that GIMP is an old software, and many GIMP programmers
has used to its technical solutions as they are and are not very willing to
change things. And, when someone develop new software, they usually select
the tools and way of work based on their previous experience, and not
necessarily make it easy to be integrated together. But hopefully some day I
see some sort of "Paint shop" for Linux, including tools for sketching,
painting and processing images...


Because MyPaint UI is written with Python, I think that I concentrate on
that, since it is far easier to get involved with. It wouldn't be bad to
change GIMP UI to Python, too, I think that writing UI with C is just...
hmh... nicely said - interesting. But I'll check if I can make some
development for GIMP, too.

On Mon, Nov 30, 2009 at 10:38 AM, Alexia Death <alexiade...@gmail.com>wrote:

> On Mon, Nov 30, 2009 at 8:38 AM, Olivier <oleca...@gmail.com> wrote:
> > Of course! But since I'm writing a book about GIMP, I'm trying to get as
> > close as possible to what will be finally published. When speaking about
> > documentation, I was thinking to the NEWS file.
> Interesting point. When I was merging the dynamics branch nobody
> remembered the News file. Perhaps it should be updated retroactively.
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