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> Hi,
> First a possible bug report: I have Xubuntu (9.10) and Wacom Intuos4 L
> graphics tablet. I have problems with both GIMP and MyPaint dialogs
> (load/save/settings), they frequently "jam" so that they do not accept mouse
> (nor pen) clicks. Some dialogs work nicely all the time (like brush
> selections and such, both in GIMP and MyPaint). I think this is somehow
> related to GTK, since both of them are using that? Have anyone else reported
> this?
Sliders and such tend to jam for me too. there seem to be some serious
issues in GTK with pointer handling since the clinet side windows were
put in.

> I found MyPaint, which suits better for creating paintings with graphic
> tablet.
MyPaint is  a painting application. Its meant for painting so it does
it well. MyPaint/GIMP have the same relation as Painter/Photoshop.

>So, my suggestions ATM is that don't use too much efforts for brush
> dynamics; keep GIMP as image processing software, instead of painting
> program.

Image processing needs dynamics as much or even more than painting
approach. Theres a lot of brushwork in touching up a photo or creating
an image from other images. So in a way, without providing "artistic"
brushes, dynamics are very important to an image processor and very
much in scope.

> Because MyPaint UI is written with Python, I think that I concentrate on
> that, since it is far easier to get involved with. It wouldn't be bad to
> change GIMP UI to Python, too, I think that writing UI with C is just...
> hmh... nicely said - interesting. But I'll check if I can make some
> development for GIMP, too.

If your aim is to paint then MyPaint suits your aims better.
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