Dialog "jamming":

I know for certain it is a GTK issue. You may downgrading GTK in use
> for mypaint(GIMP from trunk must have newer, or it wont build) to
> something before 2.17.1 I think.

GIMP 2.7 was so fascinating that I would not like to go back to 2.6. So no
question about downgrading GTK, and thus the only way is to get fixed GTK :)

There are other things in GTK, too, at least in mypaint. It ignores the
"pad" device, and thus I need to configure board to send key events. I think
that is just a dirty hack to make older programs to work with tablets, there
must be better way in the future. The tablet has 9 buttons, and no, I don't
want them to send same key presses in different programs. Depending on the
program and the purpose, I would like the buttons to make different things.

Intuos4 has small icon displays, and an indication led besides the ring to
tell the mode, and I would like the future software to use them. So, that
when I change between gimp and mypaint, the icons change appropriately to
tell, what happens when pressing what button ;)

Furthermore - why should pens, erasers and mouse work similarly at canvas?
Why couldn't I freely program pen and mouse buttons interacting differently,
when pressing them at canvas? IMO, drawing software should understand that
there are different devices and they may be used for different things ;)

> > MyPaint lacks abilities for "scissoring" images,
> > using grids/perspetive aids and such, which I find useful for sketching a
> > drawing.
> Things like that would ve useful in mypaint. Your input to development
> of mypaint might be useful.

Let's see what happens :)

> > Maybe some point in future, there would be a bunch of programs, operating
> > with same basic settings and file formats, so that I could easily use
> > suitable drawing program for different purposes :)
> There already is such a set. Inkscape for vector, Gimp for
> photomanipulation, MyPaint for painting. Of these, inkscape seems to
> be the fastest developer, Gimp is the most mature and mypaint is
> newest member of the set.

I think there's room between these for separate art composition software,
just scissors and pencil to make compositions :) And for artwork browser,
keeping your creations easily accessible. And interoperation between
software can never be too fluent ;)

> There are not that many developers with
> interest in digital image creation. Painting has the least amount of
> interested people and it shows.

Yes, that's true, and that's why the digital image processing software
should strive for simplicity (it's hard goal, yes, since keeping software
simple requires work, and if there is scarce of developers, that will not
happen). The easier it is to get involved, the better are the changes to
have developers in the future.

> Extra problem with extended devices is the lack of such devices for
> testing purposes. Right now I really like to have access to a a wacom
> device that reports stylus rotation(wheel parameter, not to be
> confused with tilt).

Oh, there are such, too :o But yes, developing tablet software would need
testers owning tablets :)

If I cannot do anything else for GIMP, I'll try to stay one sort of tester
with Intuos4 tablet.
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