I examined a little that "jamming" with mypaint, and it seems that in some
circumstances, the mouse and tablet events are somehow discarded or
something (they are not received to dialog message handler). Keyboard events
are still received in msg handler, and e.g. X works correctly, and both xev
and xidump receive events normally.

Since I have a feeling that it is somehow related to GTK, I think that my
findings holds for gimp (and other gtk apps), too. I use tablet only for
gimp and mypaint, and I haven't examined other gtk apps.

Oh, sorry, I didn't mean that you should not develop GIMP dynamics, just
that you probably don't need to develop artistic brushes. But check out that
MyPaint brush dynamics variables, that may give ideas for GIMP, too.
Certainly, it would be just excellent, if GIMP and mypaint brushes would be
interchangeable, maybe even a separate full featured brush editor for tuning

And yes, my aim is to (1) sketch pictures, then (2) paint, and then (3) make
some finetunings, scaling and such. MyPaint fits for 2, GIMP for 3. GIMP is
better for setting up the composition and sketching, but a little bit
overweighted for that :) MyPaint lacks abilities for "scissoring" images,
using grids/perspetive aids and such, which I find useful for sketching a

Maybe some point in future, there would be a bunch of programs, operating
with same basic settings and file formats, so that I could easily use
suitable drawing program for different purposes :)

On Tue, Dec 1, 2009 at 11:33 AM, Alexia Death <alexiade...@gmail.com> wrote:

> On Mon, Nov 30, 2009 at 4:06 PM, Markus Koskimies <mkos...@gmail.com>
> wrote:
> > Hi,
> > First a possible bug report: I have Xubuntu (9.10) and Wacom Intuos4 L
> > graphics tablet. I have problems with both GIMP and MyPaint dialogs
> > (load/save/settings), they frequently "jam" so that they do not accept
> mouse
> > (nor pen) clicks. Some dialogs work nicely all the time (like brush
> > selections and such, both in GIMP and MyPaint). I think this is somehow
> > related to GTK, since both of them are using that? Have anyone else
> reported
> > this?
> Sliders and such tend to jam for me too. there seem to be some serious
> issues in GTK with pointer handling since the clinet side windows were
> put in.
> > I found MyPaint, which suits better for creating paintings with graphic
> > tablet.
> MyPaint is  a painting application. Its meant for painting so it does
> it well. MyPaint/GIMP have the same relation as Painter/Photoshop.
> >So, my suggestions ATM is that don't use too much efforts for brush
> > dynamics; keep GIMP as image processing software, instead of painting
> > program.
> Image processing needs dynamics as much or even more than painting
> approach. Theres a lot of brushwork in touching up a photo or creating
> an image from other images. So in a way, without providing "artistic"
> brushes, dynamics are very important to an image processor and very
> much in scope.
> > Because MyPaint UI is written with Python, I think that I concentrate on
> > that, since it is far easier to get involved with. It wouldn't be bad to
> > change GIMP UI to Python, too, I think that writing UI with C is just...
> > hmh... nicely said - interesting. But I'll check if I can make some
> > development for GIMP, too.
> If your aim is to paint then MyPaint suits your aims better.
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