On Tue, Dec 1, 2009 at 1:11 PM, Markus Koskimies <mkos...@gmail.com> wrote:
> I examined a little that "jamming" with mypaint, ..snip.... X works 
> correctly, and both xev
> and xidump receive events normally.
> Since I have a feeling that it is somehow related to GTK, I think that my
> findings holds for gimp (and other gtk apps), too. I use tablet only for
> gimp and mypaint, and I haven't examined other gtk apps.
I know for certain it is a GTK issue. You may downgrading GTK in use
for mypaint(GIMP from trunk must have newer, or it wont build) to
something before 2.17.1 I think.

> MyPaint lacks abilities for "scissoring" images,
> using grids/perspetive aids and such, which I find useful for sketching a
> drawing.
Things like that would ve useful in mypaint. Your input to development
of mypaint might be useful.

> Maybe some point in future, there would be a bunch of programs, operating
> with same basic settings and file formats, so that I could easily use
> suitable drawing program for different purposes :)

There already is such a set. Inkscape for vector, Gimp for
photomanipulation, MyPaint for painting. Of these, inkscape seems to
be the fastest developer, Gimp is the most mature and mypaint is
newest member of the set. There are not that many developers with
interest in digital image creation. Painting has the least amount of
interested people and it shows.

Extra problem with extended devices is the lack of such devices for
testing purposes. Right now I really like to have access to a a wacom
device that reports stylus rotation(wheel parameter, not to be
confused with tilt).

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