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> Complete misunderstanding. They want to be able to prove what has been
> done to the image in the processing. As in: "Is this scratch really on
> the object and has been revealed from the raw photo with a contrast
> enhancement or has it been inserted with the clone tool?". Usually
> these disputes don't come up and so the logs don't have to be reader
> friendly. 

This sounds like something that the forensics people would need. Basically to 
prove what altering has happened to a piece of evidence in case processing is 
disputed. There is no out of the box functionality like this because this 
particular requirement is quite special in its own right, to fill this need the 
log must prove that a) its from the editing of a correct image b) the end 
result is what people have. This requires that the hashes of all images saved 
and loaded are recorded and all recordings have a time stamp.   Currently gimp 
does not have such functionality because nobody has  been interested in adding 
one. However, I believe adding such logging facility to gimp is not difficult. 
If the aim is simply to log, and do so with proof value then it should not 
take a competent coder more than a month to implement. However since this not 
a general interest functionality, they probably would need to pay a coder to 
do this. 

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