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> Complete misunderstanding. They want to be able to prove what has been
> done to the image in the processing. As in: "Is this scratch really on
> the object and has been revealed from the raw photo with a contrast
> enhancement or has it been inserted with the clone tool?".

With more information about the problem, maybe we can see some
other possible solutions... e.g. what about a comparison between
the original and final image, with digital signatures as Alexia

If you didn't mind a really verbose log and you're on Linux or
Solaris (say), you could use ltrace to store everything the
program did, perhaps combined with a script that printed out
some significant environment variables such as LD_PRELOAD and
LD_LIBRARY_PATH and PATH, to show that they had not been tampered
with.  Doing this may slow GIMP down too much, though.

Another possibility is to run with a screen capture program,
basically recording a video of the user's actions... but you'd
probably get really big files.

The best approach I can think of would involve a change to
make part of the GIMP "app" scriptable, by adding an MVC-style
command-handler chain, so every user action turns into an
internal command that is potentially intercepted by a script;
probably not a large change, and likely one that could be
consistent with the GIMP "product vision".

With Libre software it's usually best to contribute changes
back to the main package rather than having your own patch
you have to maintain, but that means trying to make something
general enough that others would want to use it, and then
making use of that new feature with your own script.

I can also see you might need to have signature checking on
the scripts that are loaded.

My gut feeling is yes, an up-to-speed-with-gimp programmer
could do most of what's needed in a week, so allow a month,
and at consulting rates that's $20K, or the cost of a few
Creative Studio licenses :-)

(I'd be happy to quote a price! although I'm guessing the
people who contacted you might prefer a US-based programmer,
or one more familiar than I with running GIMP on Windows.
Maybe meetthegimp.org has a suitable forum for people
wanting to hire or to be hired?)


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