> As I said, in the plug-in context layers (and drawables) are identified by
> integers, not pointers. Looks like you try to use a struct pointer again.
> Plug-ins run in their own process and thus pointer-passing doesn't work.

Sorry about that.

Now I don't get any errors, but I don't see the pixel either...

  /* Trying to set a pixel at x=5,y=5 with value 150 in 24 bit color */
  const guint8 *pixel;
  pixel = (guint8 *) "150";
  gboolean s;
  s = gimp_drawable_set_pixel (layer, 5, 5, 24, pixel);
  printf ("Was the pixel set?: %i", s);

and s returns 0.

Is it how I define the pixel value that is the problem?

The hello-world.c is here with my change
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