I'm sure it will work even better for GIMP, that being said, consider that
krita, it's not that "known", GIMP is a common thing you hear everywhere(in
art sites, photography sites, ps "clone", etc). 

Also there is a big windows-user base(with a nice windows build ready to
use), and it's a paing to install krita on Windows(there is not a krita build,
you have to get koffice packages, not very tested, i tried but hated the

Considering this two things, speeding up development that today seems so
slow(and lots of bugs never find a solution) is possible, at least it could
take GIMP project somewhere. A full-time worker paid by donations is a nice

Maybe the today almost 800 bugs could be reduce to half.

>There has recently been much discussion on how long it will take to 
>finish gimp 2.8, and whether donations could speed this up.
>Krita (KDE's image manipulation program) recently asked its users for 
>EUR3000 to sponsor one of their old GSOC students to work for 3 months. 
>they raised over EUR4000 quite quickly. [0]
>I am sure GIMP could raise a similar amount of money with out to much 
>trouble, and has plenty of old GSOC students to call on. 3 months of 
>work would make a pretty big shift in release time.
>Might be an interesting experiment.
>[0] http://krita.org/index.php&option=com_content&id=20
>PS: i tried posting through gmane's NNTP system, but it never seemed to 
>get through. is this blocked?

Luis Diego (via www.gimpusers.com)
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