I hope that this email was not being posted several times here
Hey all,

I think I did loose the previously designed letter which I thought, having sent to Kevin Cozens. Now I have to write the whole letter again, hoping for him, that he is on this list, from time to time.

It sounded like that:

Dear Mr. Cozens,

Thank you for contributing to GIMP!

[For the sake of clarity I have to introduce myself: My name is Andreas Posur and I am a student on a big technical university inside Germany, enrolled in BSc. EECS]

I got the feeling that Script-Fu / Tiny-Fu (SIOD) isn't well recepted because of "old & unsexy"...
quote: from the internet research.
I personally can support this statement. And I had some "REALLY" difficult problems to get a proper "unit testing" within R5RS (tinyscheme).

Now my proposal: Just look at the upcoming (brand) new version of "racket" which is nothing else than the newly renamed and rebranded "PLT-Scheme". PLT is (in case you don't know) the bunch of hackers who are refining the elements of R6RS-Scheme to a mixture which can sb. call "impressive"...


Lazy - Functional - Reactive - OO - Macros (powerful, hygenic) - Delimited continuations - Module system (dynamic)

Not too mention the basics, eye opening approaches to XML and Web, an IDE, debugger, contracts, typed/dynamic language, jit, Android development, ... and on and on.

The talent of the core PLT group is outstanding. Matthias Felleisen for example was awarded an ACM Fellowship in 2006 for contributions to programming languages and development environments. His academic publications are right up there with the best out there, yet he spends as much time focused on the foundational aspects of teaching kids, and students as high brow papers, and the real world demands of programming. And the rest the core are not too shabby either.

/quote] taken from: http://news.ycombinator.com/user?id=boskone

The Programming Languages Teaching Website: http://www.plt-scheme.org will be transferred to plt-racket.org

DrScheme [IDE] will be DrRacket, MrED will be gracket, and mzscheme will come out as racket.

My main problem is that only Kevin probably will have the insights, what has to change and what not in terms of tiny-fu and tinyscheme, he developed the interpreter connector.

So if anybody is able to help me (and perhaps later others with this) I would really appreciate that. My target is finally to get a powerful, ease of use, sexy Scheme derivate running and implementing GEGL Operations/Services/Actions that PhotoShop would have to fear...

Greetings from Germany, yours sincerely: Andreas Posur

(And when I have the time then I would do some basic bughunting (my c skillz aren't that good yet)...)
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