On Wed, 2010-04-07 at 10:54 -0700, Bill Skaggs wrote:
> The real problem with script-fu is that it is archaic.  Few people in
> this modern age want to deal with Lisp-derived languages, with all
> those ridiculous strings of parentheses.  It's like going back to the
> dark ages of programming.  Even a scripting language derived from
> BASIC would make more sense.

That is totally irrelevant for this discussion. There are other
scripting languages that can be used, Script-Fu is just one of them. It
addresses the needs of people who like those strings of parentheses. If
you prefer BASIC, feel free to add a GIMP extension that allows to write
scripts in BASIC. It's really pretty simple to wrap the PDB to whatever
scripting language you like.


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