> If you provide a patch that improves Color mode  compositing when using 
> GEGL, I would be happy to review it.

Alas, all I can provide is the algorithm, I'm not a C or C++ coder.
> We can't  do this change in native GIMP because it would break rendering 
> of XCF files  that relies on the old behavior.
> We take the opportunity to fix this when  we transition to GEGL where we 
> have done other non-compatible changes with  regards to layer 
> compositing, that's why the fix should be in the GEGL parts  of GIMP.

I thought that it had been decided the existing GIMP Color mode was broken, so 
"files relying on old behaviour" is not an issue.  It wouldn't take much to 
it clear in release notes of the update that the new Color mode works better 
old files will look different.  Those who rely on old functionality can refrain 
from upgrading - this has always been the case with software.  I find it 
frustrating and specious that the "old behaviour" argument is put forward at 
when essential improvements are at stake.

On the other hand, I understand you have other good reasons to go the GEGL 
route.  That's fine, except it will take a long time to regain the 
GIMP already has, namely multi-threading.  It's for that reason that I think 
relatively simple solutions in the core are still worthwhile.

Once again, sorry I can't contribute code, I really wish I could.




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