It's an unjustified escalation to think of improved rendering in a new version 
as breaking the XCF file format.  The file format would be the same.  It's only 
"broken" if you make it so, if you insist on handling the new rendering through 
the file format.  It's worth noting, however, that XCF is not meant to be an 
archival format.  Granted, there may be users using it archivally, but they can 
be considered idiosynchratic and catered for by appropriate warnings about 
functionality, not placed centre stage with upside-down development priorities.

The broken Color mode was reported 4 years ago!  Had the solution been 
implemented natively, it would have been available to view, and would likely 
have evolved.  There's every chance that it could now be ported to GEGL without 
the alpha bug to contend with.

I appreciate this discussion is late in the day - the GEGL route is set, and 
we're not so far from 2.8 release.  But undoubtedly, new bugs will be uncovered 
after the release.  If at that point there are still arguments put forward in 
favour of esoteric considerations, at the expense of essential fixes, then I 
assure you I, as an end user, won't keep quiet about it.  I'm going to 
you to furnish the evidence.  Provide us with a sizeable body of users, 
preferrably the majority, who agree with your position and are willing to forgo 
timely essential fixes for the sake of mainting broken, but familiar rendering. 
 If you cannot provide that evidence then I will consider your position to be 
willful sabotage and will make the point perfectly clear.

One more thing: let's not allow the energetic momentum of development be 
hijacked by a fear that some developers, out of an offended sense of 
righteousness, might leave.  More will be gained by ensuring the team is 
motivated by a greater sense of serving happy end users.



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