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> Just because some plug-ins are too slow for live preview doesn't mean we
> shouldn't have it for simpler plug-ins. Besides, we can have it for slow
> plug-ins as well, we just do the preview calculations asyncronously. And
> the previews will be small, so it won't take that much time even on slow
> plug-ins.

I really like the way Paint Shop Pro does plug-in previews: by
default, they appear in the plugin settings window (which actually has
two previews side-by-side - current image, and processed image), but
there's also a "Preview in image window" checkbox next to the preview,
which will show the current settings on the image itself.

Also, when the preview takes too long to compute, a progress bar pops
up with a Cancel button (I think this happens if the calculation is
taking longer than 2 seconds). If you do a preview in the image
window, and then apply the effect without changing anything, the
effect isn't recalculated, but is used as-is.

Another thing that I like in PSP's plugin preview is that when you
drag the preview around, it will never start recalculating the effect
unless you release the mouse button - I hate it how GIMP will
periodically try to update the preview while dragging it, which always
causes me to end up somewhere I didn't want, and will also usually get
the preview stuck in dragging mode even after I released the mouse
pointer. Not updating the preview while the mouse button is held has
another benefit for me: I can easily compare the before/after effect
by simply tapping my mouse button. This is invaluable when cleaning
scanned images, and I need to find a balance between smoothing the
image too much and leaving behind too much moire.

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