On 08/09/2010 10:51 PM, LightningIsMyName wrote:
> Hello,
> I recently re-read all the GSoC suggestions for 2010, and I found this
> interesting one about making the menus searchable:
> https://sites.google.com/site/gimpwiki/long-term-plans/menu-accesibility
> 0. How do we want the search to work? A user can bring a search dialog
> up? Will the search be based on a string? A tree?

No dialogs please.

What about a search field to the right in the menubar, accesible through 
a keyboard shortcut, like Firefox' Ctrl+K?

I imagine it to work like this: The user can type a string, and it will 
be matched against all texts associated with a 
filter/operation/whatever. The title, the description, the short summary 
etc. Typing "Dogde" should match with "Dodge". As you type, you get a 
list (not tree) of hits. Each hit has a preview with the effect on the 
image if applied. 'down, down, return' activates the second matched 
item, like it works in all similar UIs.

> 2. We need to define a "usable" plugin browser. One of the features I'm
> missing the most, is a preview image. Plugins should have an option to
> register a preview image of their effect (probably by having the image's
> binary data embedded in them). This also relates to the feature request
> of having a logo script browser...

I don't think registering a fixed preview image is good enough, it 
should be a preview of the effect if applied to the current image.

> 3. Will plugins also have a category (in addition to a menu location)?
> How should we organize the plugins?

With a good search mechanism, organizing plug-ins becomes less 
important, right? It should be possible to have descriptions good enough 
to avoid us from having additional tags.



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