On 08/24/2010 12:21 PM, Øyvind Kolås wrote:

> Such an error should be unacceptable, the conversion code for CIE Lab
> in babl are symmetric.

and the problems begin... that's what I meant

> I suspect that the code is already triply duplicated now then, the
> original GIMP CIE Lab code in app/base/cpercep.c , it's copy in
> babl/ectensions/CIE.c and your conversion code.

I'm surprised to find that code in app/base. As you say, it's the same 
as in babl.
But I don't see that code being called from anywhere within GIMP. Why is 
it even there?
It seems we can reduce by one copy then. ;)

> If you add your conversion code to babl as well it will be picked
> instead of the existing conversion, if it is both symmetric and faster
> than the existing implementations.

But it isn't fully symmetric. For the intended purpose, i.e. conversion 
from/to 8bit RGB, that's not a problem. For a more general purpose 
routine, it might be.
So while the integer conversions might be portable to babl in some way 
shape or form, it won't be a simple 1:1 copy/paste.
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