On 08/24/2010 10:09 AM, Rupert Weber wrote:
> On 08/24/2010 07:46 AM, Martin Nordholts wrote:
>> I suggest we:
>> * Only show the legacy color modes when an image that already
>>      uses them is the active image (we either show all four, even
>>      if an image only uses one).
> If that's how we do it, I'll need a little help, as I have no UI/Gtk
> experience.

I imagine the solution to be along the lines of:

1. Adding a new function to app/core/gimpimage.c
    called gimp_image_uses_obsolete_layer_modes()
2. Add a with_obsolete_modes boolean parameter to
3. Create two variants of the paint mode menu, one with and
    one without the obsolete modes, in gimp_layer_tree_view_init()
4. Show the correct version in of the paint mode menu in
    gimp_layer_tree_view_set_image() based on return result of

An additonal comment:

* Add the obsolete layer modes after the new layer modes in the
   paint mode menu, your latest patch has the old ones before the
   new ones, but the new ones are the most relevant

  / Martin


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