On 08/30/2010 08:19 PM, Rupert Weber wrote:
> On 08/24/2010 07:46 AM, Martin Nordholts wrote:
>> * Only show the legacy color modes when an image that already
>>      uses them is the active image (we either show all four, even
>>      if an image only uses one).
> Haven't got around doing that, yet, but have question. Deciding when to
> activate the legacy modes is easy: Whenever an image is loaded that uses
> them.
> But when to deactivate?
> - As soon as there is no layer left using legacy modes? (I.e. you
> couldn't switch modes back and forth. Once switched away from legacy
> modes, the menu item would be gone.)
> - When closing the image or switching to another image that doesn't have
> legacy modes. I.e. changing the active image will change the dropdown.
> - When closing the last image that uses legacy modes. I.e. you could
> activate legacy modes for all images by keeping a foot-in-the-door image
> open.
> - Only when closing GIMP.
> While I could think of use-cases for all of them, I think it boils down
> to how strongly we would want to discourage from using the legacy modes.

I think you could add a gboolean was_loaded_with_obsolete_modes to 
GimpImage, set it when an image is loaded, and then check that boolean 
in gimp_layer_tree_view_set_image(). So whenever an image that was 
loaded with obsolete layer modes present becomes the active image, we 
show the obsolete modes in the menu.

Slightly different from my initial solution proposal in other words.

  / Martin

> Is it decided that GEGL will not support the legacy modes, or should
> they be implemented in GEGL as well to retain backward compatability?

There is one big issue left to settle: whether e.g. a Screen pixel 
composited onto nothing should result in the pixel or 'nothing'. Right 
the result is the unmodified pixel, as in the SVG 1.2 compositing model. 
In legacy GIMP compositing, the result is 'nothing' (except when the 
layer is the bottom-most layer...).

I'm fine with using our legacy compositing model, as long as there 
exists a consistent compositing model without special cases to describe 
it. I will try to come up with such a compositing model unless someone 
else gives it a go before me.

  / Martin


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