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> Since the subject here is "(no subject)" I will add a related comments 
> on some similar oddities in the menu system

Sorry, I was too tried, it was
"Re: [Gimp-developer] scanner support should be File->Acquire"
before; I made a typo in editing... with mutt I can use my editor to directly
change the mailheader - and also do some nasty stuff.

It should be in the same thread as "the "scanner support"-thread.

>   I want to comment on how hard/illogical it is to find the "layers 
> dockable dialogue" without knowing what gimp calls it and knowing that 
> "dockable dialogues" are found on the windows menu.

There are many things like that.

I'm not long enough on this list to know all the old discussions, but AFAIK
Sven Neumann once (some years ago) was interviewed by the Cahos Radio, and
mentioned there, that one person did a complete usability anylsis.

I don't know idf this work has already been finished and published.

Would be interesting to see at the recommendations. I mean: not necessarily
adopt all such things (maybe thera ara also other concepts and ideas), but at
least it could be something for a discussion.

Thanks for your comments on GUI inconsitencies.

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