On 09/06/2010 09:22 PM, Sven Neumann wrote:
> Will buildbot build failures be posted to this list? Do you have the
> 'blame' feature setup so that the commits that potentially broke the
> build are listed?

I think posting failures to the list would create too much spam, my plan 
was to have an IRC bot for that instead.

I don't have the blame feature set up yet, but is is usually not hard to 
figure out what commit that caused make distcheck to fail. Eventually I 
want to run make distcheck for each commit pushed, but we can live 
without that for now.

>> I don't have a fixed IP address however which makes it hard for me to
>> host a machine for this. So the question is: what alternatives do we
>> have? Maybe this would be a good thing to spend our money on? I guess
>> the easiest thing would be to rent a (possibly virtual) machine
>> reachable from the internet. We can then add links to that machine on
>> gimp.org to the tarball dir it produces.
> Well, we could ask if it is possible to have this run on cube. But I
> guess that it really makes sense to have a dedicated (virtual) machine
> for this.

I think so too, seems unnecessary to introduce security issues like this 
on cube. So, how do we go about getting ourselves a virtual machine? I 
rent one myself and then show receipts?

  / Martin


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