I have been experimenting with setting up nightly builds of babl, GEGL 
and GIMP using buildbot. Actually, it's "morning builds", since the 
morning is the least common time on the day we push commits. I am now in 
a state where this works pretty well:

  * Each morning buildbot pulls the latest changes from git, does
    a make distcheck, and copies to the resulting tarball to a
    central directory along with the md5 sum

The benefits should be obvious but I'm listing a few of them anyway for 

  * We can do development releases whenever we want, there will
    always be a tarball ready to be released. In the past, getting
    ready for a development release has taken weeks some times.

  * Since our automatic tests are continuously run, regressions will
    be quickly discovered when tests exists, making it easier to
    act upon them.

  * People will be able to easily test bleeding edge code without
    having to wait for a release, assuming we publish the tarball
    directory somewhere

I don't have a fixed IP address however which makes it hard for me to 
host a machine for this. So the question is: what alternatives do we 
have? Maybe this would be a good thing to spend our money on? I guess 
the easiest thing would be to rent a (possibly virtual) machine 
reachable from the internet. We can then add links to that machine on 
gimp.org to the tarball dir it produces.

Any thoughts?



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