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> Hi all,
> I came up with solution to import and merge Blender's SVG file as path into
> :
> :
> I was quite depressed yesterday, but in the middle of night I got an idea
> :-)
> "If GIMP cannot draw overlapped lines, then why should draw them
> *overlapped* after all!?"
> If duplicates are removed, then XOR drawing will not affect path. Yupiee.
> As a side effect, there will be approx. half of lines less to draw (in case
> of connected polygons a.k.a mesh) so this is a very good optimization
> for poor gdk-powered line drawing in GIMP.
> :
> :
> I would like to hear you opinions.

Why not implement your removal of overlapping path segments as a  
separate plug-in which can be executed on any paths, not just imported  
ones? Doing this would eliminate the import interface offering an  
option which addresses a hardware/graphics "preview" limitation which  
many users would not, and would not care to, understand (and may  
disappear in the future).

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