Dear Alexia,

On Sun, Oct 24, 2010 at 9:37 PM, Alexia Death <> wrote:
> This is not an issue to be fixed. This is a consious decision made in the
> deveopment of gimp-
> (..)
> Nobody is forcing anyone to use it, but for some reason you want to.
> (..)
> And finally just a general thought: To have a conversation you need to be
> willing to listen as well as talk.

Alexia, I have subscribed to this group to make a conversation and it
is in progress, so your thought is too general. Also to make situation
clear - there are changes iposed to a GIMP 2.6 GUI, mainly to make it
more user friendly and functional, this is fine. I am asking for an
option to have one old functionality back, this is an issue for me
because it was there and it is not at the moment. I am not talking
about reversing all changes, but to bring option for a user to select
whether he/she want the menu in the toolbar. I am not forcing anyone
to use new or old design, as you try to imply, but to leave user a
choice with a simple option as they are many in the Preferences
dialog. By removing the menu and leaving no option by "conscious
decision" _you_ are forcing people to use new design and this is what
you told and this is what I am telling, so please reconsider who is
not listening. If the new no-window is better for new users, let it
be, but also there could be an option to make menu visible in the
toolbar, for the dinosaurs - I gave you few simple solutions on how
this can be implemented, also there are such ideas on the GUI
Brainstorming page. I just don't understand why this button, icon, or
anything is such a problem for you - there are people that enjoyed it
- and those people are not forcing anyone to use the menu, as there
are menus in other places, also in the no-window. I will wait for 2.8
to see the final result or your bright vision... now I have to get
back to work, also good luck to you and please remember about user
feedback (also when changes are implemented - not all users are
developers) :-)

@Ofnuts: for me, the window interface that showed in
Atari/Amiga/Commodoer/Apple was very similar to the Win 3..7 as you
mentioned - there are windows and buttons and icons. How these windows
and buttons look like is not that important, but when some buttons are
removed (not rearranged) this is a problem - because in fact all of
those buttons are still there, rearranged, recoloured, etc :-)


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