On 10/23/10, Tomek CEDRO wrote:

> I don't understand the point of removing this menu without leaving
> user option to make is available again - if there are people that
> don't like this menu they should simply make it invisible. Why do you
> enforce users with your vision on what is better for them, with no
> other option (some communists or other *ists involved?).

Enforcing vision is what software development is all about :) You've
been using GIMP for ten years after all, you were supposed to know
that :)

As for *ists, you got it exactly right: usabilists were involved.

In the new UI there is no way the toolbox menu can be useful. Really.
It's a dinosaur and it was about time for some meteorite to save human
embarassment of dealing with prehistoric creatures -- all claws,
fangs, pointy tales and whatnot. Please accept this change.

Alexandre Prokoudine
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