On 11/12/2010 01:59 AM, photocomix wrote:
> I see the Van Gogh filter is still in gimp, even in the last git and i fear 
> to see it even in next 2.8
> I think nobody use it, also because would be close to the impossible do 
> something definite with it:
> not only is not clear for what is for, but even after reading its help page, 
> remain basically unusable as it is now because miss even the most rudimentary 
> preview
> Much more widely used and interesting filters were removed (i.e. the freetype 
> plugin)
> Many  third party plugin fit much more in the gimp product vision
> Do you really think that the Van Gogh filters may fit in the gimp product 
> vision ?
> In case at least fix it adding a preview, (but i think nobody will complain 
> for its removal )

GIMP 3.0 will be the release where we remove things that don't fit out 
product vision. I think we might as well wait until then before we 
remove it.

Other than that I agree, the plug-in isn't good enough for being 
included in GIMP 3.0.

  / Martin


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