>The only thing that matters when it comes to deciding what to include 
>and what not to include in GIMP is our product vision. If something 
>helps us fulfil our product vision, we will keep it in GIMP 3.0. If it 
>doesn't, we will remove it.   / Martin

that for what  doesn't fit in the GIMP product vision 

But why wait to eliminate a plugin that doesn't fit in ANY product vision?

this case is crystal clear:
nobody use that plugin ,a plugin that quoting his tooltip produce ""Special 
effects that nobody understands" :-), 

This plugin   replace all the original pixel of your photo with  a abstract 
thingy, a "special effects", hard to define and unpredictable , ...but that 
always look as crap (

Why carry its code in gimp 2.8 , just delete the "van-gogh-lib.c file from the 
code (BTW is in gimp/plug-ins/common ) would took less developer time then a 
further debates

The never used van gogh filter is in gimp from 1996 and survived all debates 
and clean up  till now

photocomix (via gimpusers.com)
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