anybody wrote:
> I recently got informed that you (dev-community) are planning to drop 
> Scheme-support for 2.8++

Feel free to go and flog the person who told you that. ;-)  If this was 
planned it would be mentioned on the official GIMP website.

> getting a bunch of willing folks who are watching the Tiny-Fu gnome.git repo,

There won't be any changes to see in the Tiny-Fu repository for a while as 
I'm busy on other projects. Tiny-Fu shouldn't be used with a recent version 
of GIMP. It is out-of-date and is only for testing some future changes to 
how Scheme scripts will be run. Eventually I will bring Tiny-Fu up-to-date 
with all of the changes made to Script-Fu and start work on the 2.0 version.
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