On Mon, Jan 10, 2011 at 05:17:51PM +0000, Øyvind Kolås wrote:
> Code documentation is also one of the tasks that are not permitted for
> instance in the Google summer of code, perhaps we could come up with a
> set of bounties, or find someone motivated and fund them on a task by
> task basis or even part time for documenting?
> For a while, almost all the time I spent on GEGL (to the detriment of
> progress wrt features and performance) was spent on cleaning it up,
> and documenting it, website - references and more; this in case I
> decided to completely drop the ball or get consumed by other things,
> what I added was far from enough; and being the actual originator of
> much of the things in GEGL I am almost a bit "cursed by knowledge" and
> thus not the person best suited for it. Getting more documentation
> sure will be one of the best ways of making it easier to involve more
> people (and I am sorry for any bits of almost existing docs that
> aren't fully integrated yet.)
> /pippin

I'm not entitled to advance my opionion in this case but I'd like to add
that I agree that good documentation and clean(ed up) code are a huge
benefit - in many regards. And that, at least, I can truthfully say as
a non developer, a good documentation would not only make it more likely
that I'd be motivated to participate (for my defense at that point, I
currently don't because I'd majorly lack the time), it would even draw
me to the code. I like good code. And as for the time argument, if I
didn't feel that reading code to get just up par with you would take
several man-days (...)  on its own, I would more likely get started. And
I think many people feel more or less the same (for any OSP)
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