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> And all this conversation is because you think CTRL+Backspace makes
> more sense than CTRL+. (because you're used to that combination) and
> you don't want to take 30 seconds of your time to personalize the
> accelerators?

By "you" are you referring to me?

If I've used Photoshop it hasn't been in the past decade.  I'm not
saying any particular keystroke makes any sense whatsoever.  It
doesn't make any sense to me that keyboard shortcuts tend to assume
the user speaks English.

> A couple of days ago a voluntary coder (with an impressive CV) arrived
> to this list offering his help and he only got a couple of replies.

I would agree that there are problems with the way people tend to
interact on this list.  One of which is the knee-jerk reaction
whenever an email comes across with the word Photoshop in it.

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