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> 2011/3/8 Michael Grosberg <grosberg.michael <at> gmail.com>
> Debi Rapson <drapson <at> mansd.org> writes:
> > Can you point me in the direction of a list of places that actually use
> > GIMP for photo retouching and graphics creation.
> Hmm. GIMP is not well suited for professional photo retouching - it lack the
> necessary CMYK color model (among other things). I'm not sure what the focus
> of your program is but if you're looking for real-world use I would look more
> into video game art creation or online content.
> Could you explain why retouching photos should be made in CMYK rather than 
> RGB?

Photo retouching is usually done by print magazines. It stands to reason that
they would use tools that are able to work with CMYK. 

As for the other things...
Modern Photographic work also relies on a higher bit depth. Photoshop is able
to process raw camera input as opposed to GIMP which has to first convert it 
to 8-bit before being able to work on the image. 
There are also various selection tools, color adjustment tools and retouching
tools (such as the healing brush) that work better in Photoshop.

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