>And, Tigert, in your case I'd propose to set it to something like 200MB
>assuming you don't do too much other stuff when working on large images.

>From my experience, tile cache size should be calculated (in a stand alone
workstation, aka system where processes are mainly owned by the guy with the
mouse) as RAM plus real swap minus kernel, X, wm, terminals, etc memory.

Why I say that? Becuase Unix swap (I suppose to a partition, not to a file)
will be better than Gimp swap. So if you need to swap, use first what the OS
provides, and then Gimp system (and if NFS, remember to use local /tmp for

Disclaimer: personal experience based on the speed I experienced and the
noise I heard (HD making "music" vs pure mad noise). I have not read the
source, measured stats with top or anything technical.


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