Guillermo S. Romero / Familia Romero ([EMAIL PROTECTED]) wrote:
> Why I say that? Becuase Unix swap (I suppose to a partition, not to a file)
> will be better than Gimp swap. So if you need to swap, use first what the OS
> provides, and then Gimp system (and if NFS, remember to use local /tmp for
> Gimp).

This is not necissarily true. The System-Swap routine is optimized for
arbitrary data. Gimp organizes its image-data in tiles and may perform
better in swapping those tiles, since they are a very special data-structure.

So the swapping routines could be optimized specially for those data
(I have no idea if this is done currently) and perform better than the
systems routine.

The NFS problem should be adressed. Can we detect somehow if the
configured swap-directory is a NFS-Direcrtory and issue a warning?


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