On Wed, Jan 26, 2000 at 07:28:13PM -0500, Kelly Lynn Martin 
> to redo the UI for 1.4/2.0, which included a considerably different
> way of handling plugins.  Plugins would be installed w/i the Gimp
> interactively (a noninteractive installation procedure would be
> offered for system administrators) with the user being asked where to
> install the plugin in the menu tree and so forth.  I've never gotten

Without affecting the plug-ins at all you can get the advantages of this
approach by having some kind of menu editor:

just as you can already customize shortcuts, it should be possible to
customize menu layout, disabling plug-ins, moving them into differnt menus
(even duplicate entries would make sense, e.g. for a quick-access menu for
the ten most used plug-ins that the user itself can administer. would be
great with tear-off-menus as well).

BTW, "should" means "would solve many probelms at once". I have no
idea how much owrk it is, but you can combine that with some kind of
plug-in-manager (since it already _is_ a kind of plug-in manager). For
example it should be easy then to select a binary plug-in using a file
selector, and gimp updates it's rc files to search that file for a plug-in

It would be cool to have a more flexible plug-in management inside the
gimp (e.g. at the moment you can only register plug-ins at startup)
anyway, for other reasons as well.

Just my thoughts...

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