Thus spoke Kelly Lynn Martin
> I agree entirely.  It is my considered position that the first thing
> we should with 1.3 is remove all, or virtually all, of the plug-ins
> from the standard distribution.  Moving them to the gimp-plug-in
> repository on sourceforge seems practical.  All we need to do is

Agreed, with a modification:  a review of plug-ins should be done so that a
set of very useful ones could be left with the core.  This would permit a
useful, small distribution for *nix distributors to include without having
to concern themselves about the added extras on sourceforge.  It would also
allow the core developers to concentrate on architectural issues and let
another group of plug-in developers grow (over time) to handle the extras.

> develop a good installer tool before 1.4 rolls, which will probably be
> sometime in 2002.

Oh geez.  I hope not.  1.4 by December.  Incremental development, I'm
hoping this won't stay an all or nothing process.

BTW, I've looked at the Loki installer (setup) and think this would be a 
terrific base for developing an installer for Gimp.  It needs some extensions, 
some of which I discussed in my article on setup on my web site.  But it's
easy to use and fairly easy to base a platform independent installation
package on it.
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