> Does translation of filter help tips make any sense ?
> Or would it be like with internal function help tips
> and they are going to be excluded ? (1.1.6->1.1.10).

I'm not really sure. It surely creates lots of work for the 
translators and I don't know if it is worth it. If we could
agree on this subject, I would volunteer to remove the marks
from all help-strings in the plugins PDB registration 

> Most of plugins place ":" in different positions
> "bla bla:"
> "bla bla: "
> "bla bla :"
> "bla bla : "
> etc.
> Is it possible to choose one (more likely the first one)
> and post it somewhere from where people could read it and change their
> sources.

This is handled much better after Mitch overworked most plug-ins UI 
once again. If you still find places that should be changed, please 
provide a patch. 

> Continue with the plugins:
> all general options, main options ,general preferencies etc
> change them all to "options" and unify.

Ditto. Most plugins use the term "Parameter Settings" now.

> Necessary Reconstruction of Menu <Image>/Tools
> It's too big (to be honest I really don't have an idea how to do it)
> If it fits in 640x480 it's ok but if not-please rebuild.

Well, I don't know of anyone using it frequently. Only probably to 
look up or change keybindings, so I guess we can easily add another
level of submenus in here. A menu that doesn't fit into 640x480 is 
indeed a bug.

Salut, Sven

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