> Well, I don't know of anyone using it frequently. Only probably to 
> look up or change keybindings, so I guess we can easily add another
> level of submenus in here. A menu that doesn't fit into 640x480 is 
> indeed a bug.

Sven, EVERY menu can be made to not fit on ANY screen size. The problem
with the Gimp GUI is exactly the way of thinking: "600 pixels is xxx text
lines". You cannot assume anything like that. I suffer a lot from that:
e.g. the DB Browser's window is always much too small, and the Help widget
displays 1.5 lines of text, making it totally unusable (non-resizable)
etc.. etc..

The solution to too large menus is a better way to display them, not
demanding that I use the same font as you.

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