first I want to say that I have been on this list quite for a long time
now. And I am *really* impressed by the traffic on this list and by the
amount of work that has gone into the Gimp 1.2-development.
Gimp has become a great tool that I never would want to miss.

Marc Lehmann wrote:
> On Tue, Feb 01, 2000 at 01:18:54AM +0000, Nick Lamb <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:
> > From the user's perspective The Gimp is part of GNOME. For 1.2 this
> > won't be really true, but only because of lack of development time to
> > handle the changes.
> Maybe I am misinformed... I have a different impression, but since there is
> no central steering agency for gimp, we will never know ;)

Same impression here. I can't remember that I installed Gnome on 
my desktop. And although I use Gimp for a long time now I never got
the impression that I was working with Gnome.
Of course I read on the Gnome-Office-site that Gimp would be part of
Gnome-Office. Well I was quite surprised to read that as I didn't
see any discussions about this topic here. 

> > I suppose we might conclude that vendors will ship only KDE, in which 
> I talked quite a bit about that with Kalle Dalheimer about "kimp". You
> (rightly) remember that the "official" plan is to seperate the gimp ui
> from the core.
> The KDE people would not at all be opposed to code their own gui.

This is still true. I can post to kde-devel and kde-core-devel
as soon as the ui and the core of gimp have been seperated.
I'm quite sure that many KDE-people would be interested in coding 
a KDE-UI for The Gimp.

> The reason for their hack (no one says kgimp was a reasonable design) was
> that they lack the developer power to help with the core/ui seperation.

Well actually the reason for the hack was something else:
Matthias Ettrich wanted to show in one of his talks how easy it is
to port an application to KDE/Qt. To convince people he wanted 
to show this by using a "real-life-example": an application everyone
knows about which isn't too easy to port either. Therefore he began 
to port parts of The Gimp during the night before his talk took
> > case maybe those wacky Qt people will show up again and threaten to code

hmmm ... wacky ...?

> > a replacement Kim*g*sh*p if we won't re-write Gimp in C++ :)

I don't remember that we threatened anyone here.
Well people already work on kimageshop & imageforge. The development of 
kimageshop has been hibernated for some weeks though because the
were working on KDE2-libs. 
> We haven't ever seen a bad comment about kde here or on #gimp, for sure ;)

I can confirm this ;^)

> The problem with this is that many people on the kde lists are 3133t3-type

well ... no comment .... ;)

> people, unlike with gnome (simply because kde is the perceived leader,
> which is of course bound to change soon ;)

of cooourse ... everyone knows that ;)
> > UI in the 1.3.x devel series, so maybe then everyone will have a better
> > opportunity to evaluate the dependencies of Gimp.
> That would enable a _sensible_ kde frontend, and most probably a cool perl
> interface for web-servers and the like ;)

Im glad to hear that.

> Regardless of what happens, I do not feel like a gnome developer at all, I
> don't even use gnome (much because of the same reasons I do not use kde).

:-) I don't use KDE all the time either ...

> I am sure I am not the only one who feels more-or-less strongly that gimp
> != gnome.
> > But - back to 1.1.x coding!

Yes, back to coding -- but it's KDE 2.0 here instead...

Thanks for your wonderful work, Gimp-developers!

Torsten Rahn

> Unfortunately, it's more like "1.2 fixing" :(


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