> Same impression here. I can't remember that I installed Gnome on 
> my desktop. And although I use Gimp for a long time now I never got
> the impression that I was working with Gnome.

Eeek, even if we we use gnome-libs you will not have to install Gnome
on your desktop. People should have never started to call GNOME a
desktop environment, since that's only a small part of it (and not 
the most important one). I can't really see why people argue about 
KDE <-> GNOME since both projects don't follow the same goals.

> Of course I read on the Gnome-Office-site that Gimp would be part of
> Gnome-Office. Well I was quite surprised to read that as I didn't
> see any discussions about this topic here. 

It was a reason enough for me to ask the organisators of the GNOME 
developers conference why they didn't invite GIMP developers. Well,
now they did and Mitch and me will be in Paris next month to see how
GIMP may benefit from GNOME.

> > > UI in the 1.3.x devel series, so maybe then everyone will have a better
> > > opportunity to evaluate the dependencies of Gimp.
> > That would enable a _sensible_ kde frontend, and most probably a cool perl
> > interface for web-servers and the like ;)

IMHO having two different UIs to perform the same task is a stupid idea. 
Why would people using KDE as their Desktop environment want their own 
GIMP as long as the one GIMP works well for them? It might be a good idea
however to build different apps on the gimp-core. A small icon-editor, an 
animation-studio, ...

Salut, Sven

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