Kelly Lynn Martin wrote:

> On Tue, 1 Feb 2000 01:18:54 +0000, Nick Lamb <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> said:
> >From the user's perspective The Gimp is part of GNOME.
> There's no good reason for users to have this perception, though,
> since the only relation GIMP has with GNOME is that GNOME uses GIMP's
> custom-developed widget set, and some of GNOME's developers are/were
> GIMP developers.
> Perhaps it is time for GIMP to move out of GNOME CVS.
> Kelly

I don't have the perception that Gimp is "primarily" a Gnome app;
Under SGI IRIX, it builds consistently using the native MIPSPro
compiler, as it does for many IRIX users, and without too much
difficulty it can be packaged under the IRIX software packager
and installed using inst - complete with a Indigo Magic desktop icon
(or whatever we're supposed to call the desktop now ;))

Be good, be well

Garry Osgood

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