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>    From the user's perspective The Gimp is part of GNOME. For 1.2 this
>    won't be really true, but only because of lack of development time to
>    handle the changes. Is there serious concern here that user's will
>    NOT want a GNOME-enabled Gimp in 2001 or 2002 when the 1.3 series
>    might reasonably be expected to conclude with a new stable release?
> Yes.  The user may not have the disk space to install GNOME, or may
> choose to run fvwm or ctwm.

I use fvwm 2.3.x and I run gnome apps every now and then.. what's the

> Or, for that matter, the user may not want the security holes that may
> exist in gnome.  Take a look at this:
> Huh, it looks like I have open TCP ports courtesy of GNOME.  That's
> not very nice, now is it?

Corba stuff, you can tell ORBit to use Unix-domain sockets instead.
It defaults to using tcp-wrappers and there is an authentication method
used similar to the MIT magic cookies iirc..

echo "ORBIIOPIPv4=0" > $prefix/etc/orbitrc  to disable TCP and use
Unix-domain sockets instead.

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