On Mon, Jan 31, 2000 at 11:23:48PM +0100, Marc Lehmann wrote:
> Just to throw in my opinion: gimp is _NOT part of gnome, other than in a
> technical way, and I personally think it is important that it stays so.

>From the user's perspective The Gimp is part of GNOME. For 1.2 this
won't be really true, but only because of lack of development time to
handle the changes. Is there serious concern here that user's will
NOT want a GNOME-enabled Gimp in 2001 or 2002 when the 1.3 series
might reasonably be expected to conclude with a new stable release?

I suppose we might conclude that vendors will ship only KDE, in which
case maybe those wacky Qt people will show up again and threaten to
code a replacement Kim*g*sh*p if we won't re-write Gimp in C++ :)

Which reminds me, we were supposed to be separating the core from the
UI in the 1.3.x devel series, so maybe then everyone will have a
better opportunity to evaluate the dependencies of Gimp.

But - back to 1.1.x coding!


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