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> On 31 Jan, Marc Lehmann wrote:
> > BTW: we need to
> > consult a ~/.gimp/po/ directory for translations as well at some point
> > in the future!
>  I don't know why you like to have a personal catalog

users want translated plug-ins! wether they come with the gimp or not.

>  directory but with gettext you have either ... or ... and setting up
>  such a system which uses a personal catalog AND a global one would be

Gimp already consults two (or even three?) different catalogs for it's
menus at runtime.

This is, of course, when working with the original gettext, maybe some
replacement crops up.

BTW, would it be ok to save the .po-source-file(s) on installation somewhere?
That way, a possible installer could read them, merge them with plug-in
specific parts and write a hash file.

I'd want this in 1.2, since I expect that 1.2 will be the standard for a long
time (just like 1.0), and I expect that an installer-type program will
ermerge in the meantime.

Having all information in place would be a major help, even if we come up
with e better solution.

(I estimate this to be under 3MB diskspace)

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