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> Before you start to go crazy about post-1.2 i18n issues, 
> wouldn't it be nice to first clean up the situation for 
> gimp-1.1 a bit?

The usual situation: I can't fix problems that I do not know about. So
just tell me and I'll do my best ;=>

> The po directory has a totally different mechanism for 
> storing and building the po and mo files than the three
> other po-dirs in our tree.

Well, I have no idea of what targets must be supported, and what standards
to follow. 

> Normally the .pot file is not distributed through CVS. It is marked in
> .cvsignore

O.K. I'll remove it.

> Then there should be a Makefile in the po directory and update.sh is not
> repsonsible for merging the po-files.

O.k. What should that makefile do? Who merged the po files?

> All this makes it very difficult for our translators to work on
> gimp-perl.

I believe you well ;)

> Then there have been reports that the pot-file for gimp-perl contains
> lots of error-messages.

Hmm. I've gone through the pot file. I'll try to remove them (however,
I can only find 5 messages with a low probability of showing up in user

> We have decided to only translate stuff visible
> to the user.

How does one now? IMHO all of these messages are visible to the
user. There are messages that only come up rarely, though. Should these be

> I'm still very unhappy with the UI of gimp-perl. a look at (almost)
> any of the other plug-ins to get a feel what the standards for
> justification, spacing, spelling etc. are.

I really can't follow you here (honestly. I just compared a few perl
plug-ins against script-fu plug-ins, or c-plug-ins, cand can't find
any obvious so far). The only blatant things I can see are the lack of
standard widgets (libgimp) that I can use.

Soo... do you see any problems specifically? I am quite quick at removing
problems when I get to know about them...

However, most of the widgets in libgimp are unusable from perl, due to
their various limitations and, in some cases, braindamaged api (for
example, some require a variable declared at compile time for each widget,
making it impossible to create them dynamically). Most of them also do not
work when the Gimp runs with --no-ui.

I'd really like to have better widgets in perl, but I am not very
delighted to have to re-implement the gradient selector etc....

Despite that, I am unable to re-implement these things in perl. I'd rather
just use existing code.

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