Before you start to go crazy about post-1.2 i18n issues, 
wouldn't it be nice to first clean up the situation for 
gimp-1.1 a bit? I'm speaking about the UI and translation 
of the perl plug-in.

The po directory has a totally different mechanism for 
storing and building the po and mo files than the three
other po-dirs in our tree. Normally the .pot file is not
distributed through CVS. It is marked in .cvsignore. Then
there should be a Makefile in the po directory and 
update.sh is not repsonsible for merging the po-files. 
All this makes it very difficult for our translators to
work on  gimp-perl. 

Then there have been reports that the pot-file for 
gimp-perl contains lots of error-messages. We have decided
to only translate stuff visible to the user. Error messages
should only be marked for translation if it is probable that
the error will ever happen and if the user has a chance to
make sense out of it. Otherwise the translators won't be able
to make a sense out of it and think about the user reading a
translated error message that was misunderstood by the 
translator in the first place...

I'm still very unhappy with the UI of gimp-perl. You might 
want to have a look at (almost) any of the other plug-ins
to get a feel what the standards for justification, spacing, 
spelling etc. are.

Salut, Sven

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